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Garage Door Repairs Johannesburg

At Garage Door Experts, we  specialized in  Garage Door Repairs Johannesburg

We repair and replace all type of garage door hardware.  Garage door parts wear out as we use the door every day. Over the years these metal parts become old and brittle. Aged hardware is the root of noisy operation and cause friction when garage door is moving up or down. Door becomes heavy. Garage Door motors are  designed to lift up to 10 kg loads. Heavy doors puts an extra strain on the garage automation and could result breaking it. At Garage Door Experts, we swap old hardware components with exactly the same type; it is very important because these parts are designed for specific types of garage doors.

Our technicians are highly trained for  Garage Door Repairs Johannesburg . There is a system in place to get the job done right at the first time. For your peace of mind we give six months warranty. Dial 0606066060