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roll up garage door repairs

Garage door springs

Does your Sectional Garage Door open up a few feet and then stop or the motor struggling to lift up the door? Do you need roll up garage door repairs?

  • Common cause of this problem is a broken or worn out torsion or tension springs. A lot of times you may hear a loud pop noise. 
  • The torsion springs are located on top of your garage door and mount to a steel bar which is known as a torsion tube. Tension springs are mount on the tracks. Typically the springs have been designed to operate 10,000 cycles. A cycle is the opening and closing of your garage door one time. For average usage (which is opening and closing twice a day) 10,000 cycles is about 7 years. Many other factors may come into play which could shorten or extend the life of your torsion or tension spring. The torsion or tension spring is core component of your garage door system. 
  • Torsion and tension springs repair is the most dangerous garage door repair for a non-professional to attempt. Because of the danger, it is highly recommended to call a garage door professional. The danger stems from the fact that cables, brackets and other hardware attached to the springs are under very high tension and if handled improperly they can cause serious injury or even death. 
  • If you need this common garage door repair, contact us! We will make sure to accurately match the replacement springs for your garage door system. Below is an example of what a broken torsion and tension springs looks like.
roll up garage door repairs

Broken torsion spring