Most Common Garage Door Problems

What Are The  Most Common Garage Door Problems:

Garage door rollers have bearings in them. After years of hard work, these bearings get old and get damaged that’s why garage doors vibrate and can’t run smooth on the tracks. At Garage Door Experts we offer a Garage door repair service.

Garage door panels are joined together with hinges. Hinges get sloppy and can make lot of creaking noises. Worn out hinges cause door to bind and wear out the tongue-and-groove joints at the door sections.

Metal tracks get dirty and can cause a lot of frictions on garage door operation. Door can’t move freely.

Garage door cables are made of steel but they do break. If garage door cables break, your garage door is too heavy to lift up by automation or manually. Broken cable leaves the garage doors skewed on the bottom, most of the time.  If it didn’t, you are lucky.

Garage door side and center bearing plates hold the torsion bar. When tension is not correct, door is not balanced, bearing breaks and bite in to torsion tube. Sometimes cable drums break because torsion tube bends down and stuck between the door and the wall.

Tension system garage door pulley wheels are attached to tension springs. They help to slide the cables and lift up the garage door. Garage doors get unsteady and shaky when pulley wheels are worn.

Weather seal protects garage from rain water. Over time rubber becomes soft and breaks, sometimes even it is eaten by rats. It is important to replace it.

Bottom and top brackets bend in event of garage door accident or bottom wooden panel is rotten. Sometimes cables can cut a bottom bracket as well.

Tip up garage door system need replacement as it becomes old and troublesome.